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An exploration of Docker in Windows

 Docker's great. Running applications without cluttering up your machine with random installs is beneficial for a number of reasons. However, for years its power has been in the Linux space. Images are smaller, and everything just works. Docker for Windows? Everything does not "just work" all the time, at least not in my experience, and each roadblock seems to point to a toolkit that obviously has been playing second fiddle to its Linux counterpart. When researching this, I ran into all sorts of interesting things, including someone that set up a monolithic container running Windows Server Core, IIS, and a SQL database. My first thought on seeing that was "why not just use a VM?" There has to be a better way. I set out to see if I could put together a practical containerized application using Docker for Windows. My wheelhouse is .NET web development, so that seems like a logical place to begin. To start, I clean my system of all development apps, frameworks, and

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